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Well-being Spa
​by  Zero Waste Kyoto


Reclaim your true self through health and healing.


Mind and body healing for women
Herbal Steam Sauna

Yamato Toki, an ancient Japanese medicinal herb found in Uda City, Nara, is known for its benefits of regulating the female body. Along with Yamato Toki, seven kinds of medicinal herbs are blended according to each person's body and mental condition at that time. The herbal steam slowly warms and heals the body from the core outward. 


Upon reservation, a private steam sauna will be carefully prepared just for you.

Hormone balance and stress alleviation

Aromatherapist, Nana Nishida, grows Yamato Toki herself in Uda City, Nara, and creates essential oil blends with this precious medicinal herb. During her treatements, Nana Nishida utlizes aroma oils to help balance the hormone levels and changes in the body. The hormones in a woman's body changes throughout her life, and they also fluxuate throughout the month. Harmonizing your internal rhythms supports a clear mind and balanced body, and also alleviates stress.


Chi (energy), blood and water regulation
Meridian Massage

Meridians are the passageways through which energy flows in the body. This treatment works with the meridians to circulate the flow of chi, blood, and water in the body. As a result, the entire body is balanced, blood circulation is improved, inflamation is decreased, immune functions are strengthened, and excess water and waste matter in the body is excreted. Meridian Massage supports a healthy, cleansed body from the inside out.


(The treatment we provide is not a medical procedure.)

Mind and body alignment
Ayurveda  ​

"Abhyanga," a practice of Ayurveda, involves massaging the body with herbal oil. Nutrients necessary for the body are absorbed, and waste and excess water are detoxed from the body.

Regular practice of Abhyanga can prevent aging, relieve fatigue, improve physical strength, and stabilize the mind.

(The treatment we provide is not a medical procedure.)

Be guided by your own intuition and life force.
Garan Shimogamo Retreat

In Shimogamo, Kyoto, we savor "doing nothing" while surrounded by beautiful nature and fine spaces.

▼For more information, please visit Kyoto Shimogamo's website.

▼Click here to watch our introduction video.

​Meals sourced from nature and ancient wisdom.
Vegan and Ayurvedic Meals

The vegan meal is a tasting menu that allows you to try a variety of additive-free, "ZERO WASTE KYOTO" ingredients. This meal includes brown rice, soup, and about eight side dishes containing as much freshly picked vegetables, root vegetables, seaweed, beans, mushrooms, seeds, and fruit as possible. The seasonings used are made from high quality fats.

(reservations accepted until the day before)


Ayurvedic meals that suit your constitution (doshas) and use vegetables from local farms, are also available.

(reservations can be made up to one week in advance).

Reservations can be made by phone at 075-366-4134.


Choose what best supports your body.

Essential Oils・Tea・Spices

Well-being Style

ZWK Well-being
673-1 Kuwoninchomae, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 〒604-0993
TEL:075-366-4134 (ZWK)
Business Hours
11:00-18:00(last admission 17:00)
​※By appointment only

※The hours of operation are different from the 1st floor of ZERO WASTE KYOTO.


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