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​Returning to my true self

ZWK Well-being Spa

Well-being is a word that combines “well” and “being”, and is a concept that expresses a state of “being well”, or physical and mental balance. 

On the other hand, the word "happiness" usually means a temporary state of pleasure. Therefore, at Shikari, we focus on well-being, which is a larger term that envelops happiness.

Well-being starts by connecting with the core of who you are.

The meaning of the name "Shikari" is to, "return to yourself".

Whether it's a treatment that draws on traditional healing and medicine, or working with nature through oils and herbs, there is a wide variety of options to choose from. We hope that you find something that suites you, and that helps you align with who you are meant to become. 

These days, many people are interested in well-being, but may not know where to start or what to trust. Here at Shikari we focus on relaxing, releasing, and healing in order to curate a personalized experience and to help you live your life, well. 

We have three wonderful therapists - Ms. Shinko Nishida from Ayurveda SHINSEN, Ms. Nana Nishida from Aromatherapy Salon Neroli, and Ms. Marianne Kubo who practices Meridian Massage. Each therapist has a unique style, and believes in the healing power of nature. 


Why don't you take some time to rejuvinate at Shikari, Kyoto?

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