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Treatment menu

The following menus can be freely combined. Dosha counseling is included in all menus. We will select herbal oil based on your “dosha”.

All menus have a dosha check, and herbal oils are selected based on counseling.

The quick menu can be freely combined from 4 parts.

  1. head[head, neck] 

  2. hand[From elbow to hand] 

  3. reflexology[Below the knees to the soles of the feet] 

  4. foot[Below knees to feet]

<Quick Ayurveda> is recommended!

◎ No need to change clothes ◎ Feel free to enjoy Ayurveda ◎ Those with limited time

◎ Those who want to experience Ayurveda for the first time

♦︎Wrapped in a comfortable reclining chair, you can relax even for a short time.

The following are examples of recommended combinations by time. The contents of the combination can be freely changed.

<Standard Ayurveda> is recommended!

◎ Those who are very tired ◎ Those who want to improve the circulation of the whole body (whole body course) ◎ Those who are concerned about dryness of the face (facial course) ◎ Those who want to relax both body and mind

♦︎ Treatment in a private space using a bed creates further relaxation and silence.

(Sentence design composition is under consideration. Subject to change.)

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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