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Circulating Earth's Materials to Create Something Beautiful

Kuromoji is used as a base in two different aroma oil blends at Shikari Well-being Spa. In collaboration with Green Therapy and Kauria, two blends have been curated.

Kuromoji is steam distilled, which means water is boiled in a pressurized vessel and the essential oil is extracted from the raw material.

The water used is pumped directly from the ground, and it's heated by a wood burning stove. The wood used in the stove is leftover from the mountains after forest maintenance. Using a wood burning fire allows for slight adjustments to be made depending on the raw materials being pressurized, resulting in a more gentle extraction method and a more nuanced aroma. Not only is this method respectful to the raw material, but it is also a way of respecting the Earth. Reusing forest wood, rather than having it rot away, is a way to utilize nature's power and circulate its materials-- resulting in something beautiful.

The aromas specially curated for the Japanese Forest Healing Aromatherapy Treatment are below:

MOTIVATEー A fresh aroma with a charming playfulness, hidden behind its dignified beauty.

Essential oils used:

  • Kuromoji (Kyoto, Japan)

  • Hakka / Spearmint (Hokkaido)

  • Hosho (Kagoshima)

  • Hinoki / Japanese Cypress Wood (Wakayama)

Fragrance Characteristics and Functionality: The sharp sweetness of kuromoji essential oil, a member of the camphoraceous family, is accentuated by the deep essence of Hosh that acts as the base aroma. The additional coolness of the Hakka (spearmint) gives the fragrance a refreshing top note. The camphor and menthol ingredients in the Hakka (spearmint) enhance respiratory function. This composition of ingredients is also good for the immune system.

REFLECTー soft and elegant fragrance that combines feminine tenderness, deep generosity, and sensual pleasure.

Essential oils used:

  • Kuromoji (Keihoku, Kyoto)

  • Lavender (Okamurazaki, Hokkaido)

  • Vetiver (Yame, Fukuoka)

Fragrance Characteristics and Functionality: The sharp intensity of Kuromoji essential oil is enveloped by the mellow softness of Lavender. Moreover, the common component of the two essential oils, Linalool, is one of the most important ingredients in the fragrance. Linalool provides a relaxing aroma that soothes away the day's fatigue. At the same time, the aroma draws out the femininity that lies deep within the mind and body, boosting sensuality and color.

To make a reservation for this treatment, please use the link below.


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