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Herbal Infused Sri Lankan Oils

Sri Lanka

An Island below India, covered in tropical jungles, white sand beaches, and rainy mountain towns; there's a reason this land is known to be a global herbal hot spot. The lush environment mixed with the ancient tradition of Ayurveda supports the growth of quality herbs that are abundant with healing benefits.

The Process

The Sri Lankan oil that we use is made by slowly and carefully simmering the roots, stems, leaves, bark, and fruits of medicinal herbs. During this process, the healing energy and properties of the herbs infuse into the oil, resulting in natural oil that is high in nutrients and antioxidants.

The infusion process is slow and gentle, which maintains the herb's healing properties and enhances their affect on the mind and body.

Our Oils:

  • Mahanarayana

Also known as the "oil of kings", this traditional oil includes sesame oil that is infused with many kinds of medicinal herbs.

Suggested use- Abhyanga (self body massage) Supports: Vata dosha balance / nervous system dis-ease / autoimmune dissorders / anti-aging / Fatigue recovery, etc.

  • Neil Yardi

Coconut-based cooling balm that contains hair nourishing herbs (safflower, mallow, coconut).

Suggested use- head and body self massage (Abhyanga) Supports: Pitta dosha balance / scalp sensitivities / pitta-related mental fatigue / etc.

  • Ashvagandha

Also known as, Indian carrot. This is the strongest nourishing tonic and rejuvenating oil. The sesame oil base also has excellent antioxidant properties.

Suggested use- Abhyanga (self body massage) Supports: vata & pitta dosha balance / nourishing tonic / immunity improvement / anti-aging etc.

  • Pinda

This Ayurvedic beauty oil utilizes the base oils of sesame and ghee. This oil is made from medicinal herbs, such as madder, that are known to have anti-inflammatory effects.

Suggested use- face and body self massage (Abhyanga) Supports: pitta dosha balance /sunburn / blood purification / dry skin / dullness, etc.

  • Tripara

This Abhyanga oil is made with a sesame oil base, and is infused with three fruits, Amalaki, Hari Turkey, and Bibhi Taki. It is said to balance all three doshas.

Suggested use- head and body self massage (Abhyanga) Supports: balance of all three doshas / digestion / immunity / intestinal cleansing, etc.

  • Sarshapadi

Suggested use- head and body self massage (Abhyanga) Supports: kapha dosha balance / fat loss / asthma and wet cough / muscle fatigue, etc.

Different oil infusions balance and heal varying body types.

Regenerate your body with essential oils that balance your individual doshas (constitution).


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