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New Original Scent from the Japanese Forest ~Japanese forest aromatherapy healing ~

Introduced by aromatherapist, Akemi Hirai, in collaboration with Green Therapy and Shikari Well-being Spa.

Hirai-san was first introduced to Aromatherapy in New Zealand. She was moved by the healing effects of essential oils and herbs on the body and spirit. From there she studied aromatherapy and natural medicine in New Zealand. Akemi has been an aromatherapist since 2006.

Now, in collaboration with Green Therapy and Shikari Well-being Spa, special aroma oil blends have been curated for a uniquely healing experience. The ingredients used in the blends draw from herbs and trees in Japan. Some aroma oils include (Kuromoji, Hakka/spearmint, Hosho, Hinoki/cypress, Lavender and Vetiver.) In and of themselves, each of these aromas are medicinal; however, when blended with care, they can bring you into a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience-- into a forest healing.

During the Japanese forest aromatherapy experience, essential oils are selected depending on your preference. The blend is then diluted with a nourishing base oil that allows the healing aroma to penetrate the body, carefully relaxing the muscles and draining the lymphatic system.


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