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Yamato Toki Steam Sauna and Massage

Yamato Toki...

Uda City in Nara Prefecture is said to be the place where Emperor Suiko harvested medicinal herbs, and is also called the "Mecca of Chinese medicine.

Yamato Toki has been used as a herbal medicine since ancient times, with the root used as an ingredient in medicines and the leaves used in teas and cooking. Yamato Toki is said to improve blood flow, promote circulation, and regulate female hormones.

Aromatherapist Nana Nishida has spent a great deal of time and effort cultivating Yamato Toki.

Yamato Toki at Shikari Well-being Spa...

Yamato Toki and Mugwort are used as the base herbs in our steam sauna. The steam helps relax and open the body, so that the healing effects of the herbs can sooth and warm you from the core outwards.

Yamato Toki is also used as the base oil for three essential oil blends provided by Nishida-san. During treatments, essential oils are selected according to your condition at the time, and used during the aromatherapy massage. With massage, the healing benefits of Yamato Toki infuse into your being from the skin inward. Both the sauna and massage leave you feeling refreshed and nurtured.

Our suggestion...

Is to combine Yamato Toki massage with the herbal steam sauna, for the ultimate invigorating experience. During this experience your condition will be carefully considered during the consultation, making for a personalized experience in a relaxing private meditation room.

To make a reservation...

Call 075-366-4134



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