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Balance your body at Shikari Spa

With an array of societal aspects combating our natural functions, (for example working on a computer, driving in a car, breathing in daily toxins), it is important to maintain balance in the body so that it can naturally heal. When we go too long without proper alignment in the body, this can result in dysfunction and even disease.

Aromatherapy and Ayurveda indeed help bring balance to the body; however the focus is also on body aesthetic, pampering and beauty. If you are looking for a more direct approach to balance in the body, we offer both Meridian Adjustment (Keiraku) and Osteopathy.

Keiraku is derived from the East, whereas Osteopathy comes from the West. We have one female Keiraku practitioner and one male and female Osteopahty practitioner.

We hope that you can find a treatment and practitioner that matches what you are looking for.

For 3 day retreats curated for your specific needs, please reach out by email:


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